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The theater of Migrateurs … give to receive

Considering theater as an art of communication, where pleasure and involvement in action are essential assets to achieve a given objective. the Théâtre des Migrateurs creates bridges, links between the theater and the public in the broadest sense of the term through the creation and distribution of shows, but also through training actions constituting the stages of a journey in which the language theater can respond to a specific request: to give birth to desires, to awaken motivations, to promote communication between people, to restore self-confidence in front of the group. Participants become creators, actors in their lives and are nourished by artistic language.

Our Various Activities

Something like that

Reading of a text entitled “Work” by Vincent Guédon in number 3 of “l’Impossible” , a review found in bookstores. The idea of ​​”doing something with it” comes up. First read it aloud. Eva Hanke, actress, takes care of it. Embellished with a few images, the whole gives something like this.