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Theatre Migrateurs
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The Theater of Migrants

Our shows

The Bouff’Terre

                       Ecological tale and comedy for all audiences. This show treats with humor and

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A Boxer’s Heart

Theater play for all audiences, original adaptation of a text by Lutz Hübner. The play shows the confrontation between an old man, shelling out gloomy

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Mrs. Claus Tells

Tale for young audiences Who better than Mrs. Claus can tell you about the adventures of Santa Claus? A Christmas fantasy that draws young and old

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Spouck the Pirate

Humorous theater show, puppets and music for children and the whole family. Spouck, the pirate lives happily, alone on his wild island. To survive, he plunders

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The Vegetarian Wolf

Une fable entre noir et blanc mise en théâtre et en musique. LES MOUTONS en bêlant : Un loup ! Un loup ! Ahhh ! Un loouououp !

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Strange, Foreign

A “strangely serious” show in which three strangers set off in pursuit of a puzzle: Defining strangeness. MARGARET  knocks on the door . PECORINA: Who’s there? MARGUERITE:

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In a few words

The Théâtre des Migrateurs is a cultural structure that has staged its artistic productions since 1995 in France and abroad.

Since its origins, the Théâtre des Migrateurs has opened its artistic practices to cultures from here and elsewhere.

Beyond the stage, the Théâtre des Migrateurs puts its theatrical know-how at the service of various public and private projects.

Recent News

Admin 4 Migrant Theatre

Saved for Posterity

The Migrant Theater had a  long run in France, starting in 1995.  Recently, we noticed the website go off line, and the domain name become

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Retrospective festival Haut Les Mômes 2014